Thursday, August 30, 2012

Retro Gaming: Panzer Dragoon Saga

Lately I've been snooping around what I've got at home on my old CDs, burned with a lot of patience, but full of surprising goodies. I've been trough a phase where I was obsessed with emulators. I wanted them all! But the crown jewel was a functional Sega Saturn emulator. It's not the oldest of consoles, but it's the one that still has a spot in my heart. My grandfather gave it to me, as he gave most of the gaming gear I had at the time, but now I really see the value I had in my shelves, the good game I had. Not only good, but rare as well. Who knew this game was that famous?

Panzer Dragoon Saga... Man... Oh, the nostalgia! So many hours I've spent playing this game... This was an epic 4 CD game. 4 CD!! 2 game boxes!! That an the pretty cover art, made me beg for this game. The internet wasn't really like it is today, news of good games were really difficult to come by. I had played its predecessor, Panzer Dragoon: Zwei, but this... this one had to be better, right?

I wasn't mistaken... The graphics, at the time, were impressive. Controlling Edge on the dragon was a must, the battles, awesome. The dragon evolution... fantastic. At the time I didn't really get the story. I was playing with a dictionary right beside me, as I did with other games as well such as Final Fantasy VII. But It was a cool game, and for me that was enough. My brother saw me playing this on the emulator and made fun of the game. He said it was bad, just based on the graphics. 10 year old graphics. Well, I challenged him to play the game. It blew his mind away... And he started to understand that graphics are not everything on a game.

I realised the value that I once had when I tried to collect games for the first time. I was in High School and I was "tired" of emulators. I wanted the consoles, the real deal. Or at least I wanted those that I had, the games I had as a kid. That's when I realised that this particular game could reach 360 dollars easily on eBay. It was a well respected and super rare. It's on the Top 100 All Time best Games on (2007) and G4 (2012).

Why don't you try it? If you like the genre, you might actually enjoy it!