Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bat-signal - Vatican calling!

At least for now, we can agree that the new pope seems to be a simple, fun person. Basically, a good guy. But the surprise comes when the Vatican makes a tweet related to Batman. Yes. Batman.

The link refers to an article in which the Vatican advises parents to become aware of the modern Batman, the influence that the Dark Knight may have on young readers. Jesus, the article even refers to the, hmmm, dubious films of Joel Schumacher (bat-nipples? Bat credit card??). The concern of Adam Shaw, author of the article, focuses primarily on the growing less kid-friendly approach of the series. In this trilogy, we see Bruce Wayne scarred by the death of his parents in childhood, obsessed with revenge. All these negative feelings, as you know, are depreciated by the Church.

On one hand I understand that if you want to make a call of attention to the negative effects that these feelings can bring, which is perfectly legitimate in the education to give to a child, the fact is that it's still amazing for the Church to touch this subject using a superhero from a comic book... now that we know that not all comic books, cartoons and superheroes are for kids. Not that this affects the popularity of this character...

It's an interesting note, an cool article, perhaps an attempt by the Church to be more "modern", using elements of pop culture to get the message through.

(via here and here)