Friday, February 15, 2013

Holy Meteorite!


Concerning astronomy news, today is a full day! Early this morning, a meteorite struck on Russia, causing a big scare to the folks around there. There’s a bunch of YouTube videos of the incident (thanks to all the cameras in Russian cars). Nearly 1000 people reported injuries due to the shockwave and traffic accidents.

But that’s not the only asteroid that hits the news! The asteroid 2012 DA14, with a length of 45 meters and 130 thousand tons, grazed the Earth’s surface, at a distance of 28 thousand kilometers to be more precise. It’s the biggest space object that was that close to the Earth’s surface since NASA as kept track. If another big ass space rock gets too close, call Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis! They’ll get the job done!
(news here and videos here)