Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Farewell to another pioneer

We owe what we have today, our computers and gadgets, to some great minds, great pioneers. Sadly, one of them has left us today. Douglas Engelbart, passed away in his home in Atherton, Cafilornia, at the age of 88.

Born in Oregon, he moved to California to become an investigator at the Stanford Research Institute in the 50's. His work as an engineer paved the way to modern computers. His research focused on video-conference, teleconference, e-mail, the UI windows, but was mostly known for inventing the mouse.

The first mouse was a wooden box with two metal wheels. The patent was requested in 1967 and granted in 1970. His research team was responsible for creating Arpanet. He was behind 21 patents and received in 2000 the National Medal of Technology, the highest distinction in the sector.

May he rest in peace. And thank you!