Monday, September 17, 2012

Kinect to connect

Some gadgets have the potential to change our lives, but for Lindy, it was more than that. She suffered a stroke 12 years ago that led to aphasia, a disorder that affects language processing without affecting intelligence. Because of that, she was unable to recognize text and thus unable to use a keyboard.

Lucky for her, her son had a brilliant idea... he hacked a Kinect to help her. Chad Ruble designed a visual dashboard of emoticons, each of which can be quantified (expressed as signal strength up to 4 bars), some gesture recognition code and the simple OpenNI library to track the position of his mother's hand. The green button sends the email and the X resets the screen.

He plans to use other boards and pages maintaining the simple interface for his mom to communicate more.

Although simple, we can see that the interface makes his mother a lot happier. That smile is priceless! A big "well done" to you, sir!

(via cnet)